Wood & Soul

Kami Menyiapkan beberapa bahan dari kayu untuk kebutuhan mu, baik untuk dipajang dirumahmu ataupun kebutuhan hiasan kantormu


What We Do

li based reclaimed Teak Wood supplier since 2001.Been working with several numbers of designer, importers & retailers worldwide, also showcasing in some of home decor exhibition both locally and internationally. We’re open for product test and review to our Indonesian designer and media To ensure customers’ satisfaction, we have 3 years pricing warranty. If the customer can get the same product with the same quality but lower price within 3 years of the purchase date, we will refund the price difference with additional of 1% of the original price. The natural materials and process have made each of our product unique and special. Each of the products has a little story to tell, where it was from, who made it, how it was made and what was the inspiration for making it.

What We Do

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