Using Kickrate as the consignee allows you to import goods to Indonesia without having to acquire your own import license. Some of the common goods imported with Kickrate include:

Sending shipments using Kickrate as the importer of record in Indonesia

1. Describe your shipment

Provide us basic information about your shipment such as packing list, invoice, etc. This will help us determine whether we are able to import the goods and estimate the cost.

2. Kickrate acts as your consignee

Send the shipment to Indonesia using Kickrate as the consignee. You are free to choose your own preferred freight service.

3. We deliver your goods to your destination

Depending on your needs, you can pick up your goods from one of the Kickrate’s partner warehouses or we can send your goods to your final destination. 

Local support

Additionally, Kickrate can support you with additional services on the ground, such as quality control, working with your suppliers, etc. Use us as your local support team.


In order to be able to legally ship goods to Indonesia, the consignee must have a valid import license to import goods in Indonesia. If a foreign company wishes to acquire an import license, they would first have to incorporate a company (called a PT PMA) and then apply for the import license.

This is impractical if you need to ship quickly or you won’t have constant shipments to Indonesia. That’s where Kickrate comes in – we act as your importer of record and get your goods safely and legally to Indonesia.

customs procedures


Being an Importer of Record (IOR) does not merely mean having a trading entity or foreign tax registration in the destination country. It involves taking on a whole host of responsibilities that must be satisfied with absolute certainty for every shipment. The IOR ensures that each import complies with local laws and regulations, files declarations, and makes payments for the associated fees, import duties and taxes.

Local laws and regulations could require the IOR to be audited for any transactions that it has been party to for up to 7 years after the import is complete.

IOR Kickrate will:


It’s not like the usual clearance in most countries, we do all the shipping clearance with advanced technology, from estimating the tax to the last mile delivery. No paper at all.

Without your own legal entity and import license in Indonesia.

Avoid working with Indonesian customs, submit your shipment today and get a real time cost and tax estimate.

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