Kickrate Importer of record - Export Import goods to Indonesia

We providing Importer of record services in Indonesia including custom clearance, legal, freight, storage and last mile delivery. Oour custom clearance specialties range from

  • IT equipment (pc, laptop, printer, etc.)
  • Electronics
  • Mobile phones, tablet
  • Furniture made of wood and trees.
How does the importer of record work?
  • Send us the HS codes and the packing list or Invoice of your shipment
  • We send you a quote
  • You ship the products using us as the local consignee
  • We handle the customs clearance and deliver the shipment to your local address

Main benefits of using Kickrate as the Importer of Record

A decade of experience working with the local customs. The customs in most Southeast Asian countries are notoriously difficult. You need to work with someone that has the experience and knows how to navigate the written and unwritten rules.

We won’t outsource the work to another provider. Unlike most IOR providers, we actually have physical operations in all of our markets. When you work with us, it’s our experienced team that works on your shipment.

Get a full range of services. Getting your shipments to Southeast Asia is just the start. Once your business grows, we will be able to work with you on complete supply chain management and corporate secretarial services.

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