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Its require local business entity to start importing goods in Indonesia, that’s why foreigner must have a local agent importer or Importer of record (IOR). Having a knowledgeable and professional IOR is important in any foreign trade deal. Leaving the IOR fields blank on your import documentation or failing to comply with any import compliance rules will result in a failed shipment – your goods may be seized, returned to their origin, or disposed of, all at your own cost.

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The Steps On Importing Mobile Phone

Firstly, you will have to get on contact with the supplier to get to know on how much money you will be paying to export import video conference and the terms of trade. There are five terms of trade such as FOB or free on board, cost and freight, cost insurance and freight delivery duty product or free alongside ship cost. These are the five most basic costs terms that are available.

To export import video conference, the HS code is 8551.62.50

Secondly, you need to find out about the international trade regulation, know the total weight of your product, choose the best shipping way such as ocean or air freight, find out about the HS code that suits your product, understand all the government regulations about international trade on that specific country, and complete all the needed documents.

For a Mobile phone product for example, you will need to pay for about Rp. 1,422,087,000,00-

Thirdly, to secure your purchase from the origin place to destined location, you need to decide on what insurance is best for your purchase. Then, the next step is understanding of customs regulation. Using the HS code, you can figure out the tax and import duty it is 0% , the VAT 10% and the income tax is 2,5%. 

ater that, you need to decide on your payment method. There are many options such as bank transfers, credit card, letter of credit, open account, and a lot of other ways.

Importer of Record (IOR)

Being an Importer of Record (IOR) does not merely mean having a trading entity or foreign tax registration in the destination country. It involves taking on a whole host of responsibilities that must be satisfied with absolute certainty for every shipment. The IOR ensures that each import complies with local laws and regulations, files declarations, and makes payments for the associated fees, import duties and taxes.

Local laws and regulations could require the IOR to be audited for any transactions that it has been party to for up to 7 years after the import is complete.

IOR Kickrate will:

Its a long process to internationally ship or import your product right? From every countries tight policy, process and all. Worry no more, cause Kickrate team got your back on this! You can easily ship your goods with us, with paperless method, even with free consultation before deciding on shipping, with our professional team! What are you waiting for? You can contact us and start export, or importing, Now!

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International freight shipping / logistics

We understand that our clients need to minimize costs and guarantee on-time delivery, in order to maintain stock levels in the fulfillment centers. Kickrate facilitates thousands of shipments worldwide using our strong relationships with international carriers (e.g., DHL and FedEx) to offer our clients the most affordable freight and courier rates, as well as lightning-fast delivery times.

How it works?

Simple step to create an export / import shipment to Indonesia

1. Brief your goods

Enter value, quantity and HSCode and simply search for your goods with out platform

2. Upload Document

Upload required documents such as packing list and invoice directly with our platform

3. Quotation in seconds

We will send you a detailed quote with exact information to fulfill your shipping orders

4. Receive your goods

Easily track your shipment and wait for your goods to be delivered to your destination


It’s not like the usual clearance in most countries, we do all the shipping clearance with advanced technology, from estimating the tax to the last mile delivery. No paper at all.

Without your own legal entity and import license in Indonesia.

Avoid working with Indonesian customs, submit your shipment today and get a real time cost and tax estimate.

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